storage backup vps


Storage Backup VPS with the latest hardware running on the HardwareRaid-10 BBU to help your data always safety. Finding a place to store backup data periodically will no longer worry.

Storage Backup VPS fully virtualized with KVM, you can install all Linux / Window operating systems. SolusVM control panel, you can reinstall the operating system, turn on, turn off, restart … with just one click.

Storage Backup VPS only use the hardware for the Datacenter, you can turn it into OwnCloud, FTP server, File server …

Storage Backup VPS is instant setup. All our services by default included the package Basic Management.


Storage 1
$ 8
  • 1 Core E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 0.75GB Dedicated Ram
  • 250GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 2TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 2
$ 14
  • 1 Core E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 1.25GB Dedicated Ram
  • 500GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 4TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 3
$ 27
  • 2 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 2.5GB Dedicated Ram
  • 1000GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 6TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 4
$ 40
  • 2 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 3.75GB Dedicated Ram
  • 1500GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 8TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 5
$ 53
  • 3 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 5.0GB Dedicated Ram
  • 2000GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 10TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 6
$ 66
  • 3 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 6.25GB Dedicated Ram
  • 2500GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 12TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 7
$ 79
  • 4 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 7.5GB Dedicated Ram
  • 3000GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 14TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany
Storage 8
$ 90
  • 4 Cores E5-1650v2 Shared
  • 9.0GB Dedicated Ram
  • 3500GB HDD HardRaid-10
  • 16TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
  • Location: Germany

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Storage Backup VPS comes with a 3 day full refund policy.


Instant Deployment

Sign up, pay, and get started right now! It is automatic.

KVM Virtualization

This is a complete virtualization solution for Linux and also Windows.

Money Back

We offer a 3 day refund period for the first invoice on your first VPS with us.

1Gbps Network Port

Sites load faster and data travels with less latency.

Anti-DDoS Pro

Unlimited and Automatic anti-DDoS mitigation by default.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We provide an industry-leading 99.95% uptime guarantee (SLA) across our network.

SolusVM Control Panel

Full Power Controls inc Reboots, Power On & Off. Complete Reinstall of the Server from a wide variety of Templates.

Hardware Raid-10 BBU

Our Nodes using LSI Hardware Raid-10 HDD for Safety and Performance. You should save important data on this package

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