united states dedicated server

United States Dedicated Servers

United States Dedicated Servers easy to customize, meeting all customer needs. You can choose locations at: Arizona, California, New York, or Florida.

United States Dedicated Servers with GPU/VGA server, best support for highly configurable services like Stream, Render, BlueStacks simulator.

United States Dedicated Servers have premium bandwidth on dedicated port 1Gbps and Anti-DDoS (California, New York, or Florida) make the site load faster with low latency.

All our services by default included the package Basic Management. Delivery from 12-72 hours.


1. Dual Intel Xeon L5639
2. Dual Intel Xeon L5639
3. Dual Intel Xeon L5639
4. Intel Core i5 4570
  • Intel HD 4600
  • 8GB RAM DDR3
  • 250 GB HDD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Anti DDos
  • 5 IPs Address + 1 Subnet /64 IPv6
  • Dedicated IPMI/KVM
5. Intel Core i7 6700K
6. Intel Core i7 7700K
7. Intel Xeon E3 1230v3
8. Intel Xeon E3 1240v5
9. Intel Xeon D 1540
10. Intel Xeon E5 1650v4
11. Intel Xeon E5 1660v3
12. Dual Xeon E5 2620v4

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Dedicated Server are not eligible for refunds.


time setup

Setup Time

Delivery from 12-72 hours. Your renewal date will be updated from the time of delivery.

dedicated ipmi kvm

Dedicated IPMI/KVM

Every dedicated server included IPMI/KVM. You can install any Linux or Window.

premium bandwidth

Dedicated 1Gbps Port

Dedicated 1Gbps port network. Sites load faster and data travels with less latency.

any os

Customize OS

You can install any operating system, we will help you for free.

anti ddos

Anti-DDoS Option

Free automatic and protection from attacks up to 20 Gbps (California, New York, Florida).

server management

Free Basic Management

All our services by default included the package Basic Management

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